PSP Fanboy Review: Pursuit Force Extreme Justice 8.5/10

Jem Alexander of PSP Fanboy writes: Not many games can make you feel like you're playing an over-the-top Hollywood action blockbuster, especially on the PSP. Pursuit Force Extreme Justice attempts to do just that, complete with a ridiculous storyline, hilarious vehicle-to-vehicle jumping and high speed car chases. The result is a game that works surprisingly well across a large variety of gameplay styles.

Extreme Justice is the sequel to the original Pursuit Force which many thought to be too challenging. Extreme Justice is still quite tricky, but has been toned down to make for a more accessible experience. The game is also nice and long, especially for a handheld title.

As if that wasn't enough, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice features 4-player Ad-Hoc multiplayer for several of the gaming modes, including a co-op Survivor mode. This is obviously brilliant fun, though online would have been nice for those of us without PSP-owning friends.

Overall, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is a great pick-up-and-play arcade shooter. It's accessibility is arguable as there is a "Casual" difficulty setting, but considering the toughness of the novice mode, there's a chance even that might be difficult for people not used to games. Graphically, Extreme Justice looks great, as most PSP games these days do. A PS2 version is due out later this year, which will be able to read your PSP save file, so you can take your PS2 save with you on the road via your PSP then continue on your big screen when you get back.

Give Extreme Justice a go, you'll probably be hooked. It's not trying to innovate the medium, but it's comfortable with what it does and it does it well. Plus, it lasts for ages.

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Cyrus3654384d ago

Like I said in an earlier review of this game, the gameplay system seems interesting, it'll be fun to jump from a car to another one.

PSP has gotten some nice titles in the past 6-7 months...