Rumor: Circuit City dropping HD-DVD completely?

1080living writes: Circuit City in a not so surprising move has discontinued the HD-DVD format in favor of expanding it's Blu-Ray lineup. Sources say that this move is not a direct response to Warner studios announcements but more related to the lopsided sales makeup of Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD which in the past weeks has been 85:15 in favor of Blu-Ray says several industry sources. contacted 7 Circuit City locations. 5 would not comment citing policies against disclosing merchandising changes, while 3 confirmed that the company has discontinued the HD-DVD format. One store manger informed us," This move is for business reasons only as Circuit City is committed to the next generation of Hi Def DVD viewing. Based on company sales of the two formats which consisted of 87 percent for Blu-Disc and 13% for HD the company felt that now should be the time to fully commit our resources to one format. Circuit City is the leader of technology and this move again reinforces out commitment to offering out customers the very best available. We expect our competitors to follow suit shortly."

As a result, Circuit City stores will be placing all HD-DVD players on clearance and though no specific price has been announced we were told to expect players in the $100 range.

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Bill Gates4379d ago

I would to if I was in the business of making money....AHAHhAHAHA

Cyrus3654379d ago

Just looks to be speculation, but could be a sign of things to come, big box stores can only hold so much in a warehouse, and in stores, taking up valuable retail space.

meepmoopmeep4379d ago

i think the biggest nail in the coffin will be Walmart & BestBuy going exclusive and i hope they come to that agreement soon so that this format war will finally be over and everyone can start their HD collections without fear

Meus Renaissance4379d ago

It's not fair. HD-DVD FTW still!


pwnsause4379d ago

HD DVD says -"This is MADNESS"


pwnsause4379d ago

anyway, Im not surprised, this is called the Domino effect. what started out as a studio dropping support, for HD-DVD, becomes a fight for Survival for HD-DVD, which it cant. and thats a good thing. kill the darn format now. Retailers are tired of this, they dont want a Audio DVD, Super Audio CD Debacle. THey want another BETAMAX as quickly as possible so that HDM can FInally break through.

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The story is too old to be commented.