Turok Pre-order Gift is Fangtastic

Kotakuite matthewpaul93 sends in this pic of the toothy pre-order gift he got from his local Game Crazy for pre-ordering Turok. If I had to choose I would probably take the $10 gift card for pre-ordering the game from Circuit City but the large silver fang does have its charms. So, if you have a penchant for metallic orthodontia or need to fill in that gap in your smile, head over to Game Crazy and pre-order your copy of Turok now!

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picker3324382d ago

But it have to make much more then that to make me want this game!

So no thx.

Silver Bull3t4381d ago

Seems more [email protected] to me.

Try some gamerpics or bonus DLC next time. Trinkets are queer.