Next Generation previews Rainbow Six Vegas 2

It seems a strange way of concluding a story that ended on a cliffhanger: Vegas 2 is at the same time a prequel, a finale and synchronous to the first Vegas. But it's trying it anyway, substituting Vegas's player character, Logan Keller, for a customizable avatar called Bishop.

Ubisoft Montreal's team claims the game is a chance to implement 'cool ideas' that didn't get into the original and to 'close the story with a bang', but much as this wishlist implies added drama, Vegas 2 will actually be set less among the neon gaming halls of the city than its seamy backstreets and industrial units. Oh, and also, following Vegas's brief visit to Mexico at its outset, a couple of so-far-undisclosed locations outside of the US.

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LinuxGuru4373d ago

I am so goddamned sick of the Unreal engine.....someone needs to take it out behind a barn and SHOOT it.

I also hate how that stupid DEMONWARE engine has that STUPID repeat sound glitch....

It was in RS: fire your gun and then you hear it keep firing for eternity until you either fire your gun again or quit?

I just encountered that stupid-ass glitch in the CLUB demo yesterday. My minigun (sprint demo level, at the end) kept making the BRRRRR firing noise after I had stopped firing....I had to turn the volume down because it was so f*cking annoying.

So....two things that need to be taken out behind the proverbial barn and shot...twice for good measure:

Unreal Engine


The_Dragon4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

It was in RS: fire your gun and then you hear it keep firing for eternity until you either fire your gun again or quit?

"Wasn't that sh!t annoying as hell?"

tony4373d ago

it needs call of duty 4 engine.

Martini4373d ago

We'll see how much improvement they did on it since it is supposed to be version 3.5 of Unreal. Anyways only 7 weeks to go !

wil4hire4373d ago

The best part of Uncharted was how the "next gen" filter made the game look like an unreal engine game, with too much bloom and glare.

Unreal Engine pretends to be complex by faking allllll detail with normalmaps, the water is a joke, the particles are a joke, IT DOESN'T Even have Global Illumination or anything of the sort that you can at least bake in. You have to fake lighting with a low setting ambient light.

Its GREAT for Unreal\Gears games that just use that Mecha-Organic jumbled textures, however games have set the bar for how engines should look and perform.

R6V2 is clear evidence that it isn't going to fool anyone. It looks JUST like R6V1, like What is the difference here?

COD4 looked great, but it cheated. Yes it does look PHOTO REAL, but thats due to the fact that Infinity Ward USED PHOTOS for entire textures. Look at COD4 Carefully, Walls/Ground. Particle is still the same sprite based particles that always face you no matter where you stand. Shadow maps were all baked in, and there isn't any real interactive lighting outside of the bloom when entering light & dark areas. When Characters are near cooler lights, the shadows aren't then made cooler.. That game kicks so much ass that it works. But its no graphical powerhouse.

GOD can we make a petition to stop using the Unreal Engine? Developers are cheating and just using it as a POS turnkey engine. We are only going to get the same exact looking game over and over and over again if we let this continue.

LinuxGuru4372d ago

You just summed up my feelings about game crappy game engines in general.

You are my new friend.

*smiles in a creepy way*

BELIE7ER4373d ago

am i the only one that thinks the tageting reticule is backward in this game? the reticule becones smaller when moving- supposedly meaning your shots would be less accurate. stand still and the reticule circle opens. meaning what? that your bullet should land where exactly? it should be reversed like in g.r.a.w. .

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