European PlayStation 3 releases: February 2008

Most of the release date's are confirmed by publishers and February 2008 is about to begin. Devil May Cry 4, The Club, Unreal Tournament III, Rock Band and many more delicious games are on its way. Lets see what games February brings PlayStation 3 owners!

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fablex4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

... why does PS3-owners get UT3 first? :(

PirateThom4376d ago

Microsoft not allowing user created content.

If they still don't allow it by release, UT3 on 360 is going to be a hell of a shallow game.

fablex4375d ago

... that really sucks, thanks for the info ;)

pwnmaster30004376d ago

wen is all the big game coming out

ravinash4376d ago

3 games I want in one month, holy crap!

Bor4375d ago

I have that a lot lately. Oktober/November/December 2007 where quite expensive for me ;)

heyheyhey4376d ago

its going to be an excellent month- much better than crappy january

i will be picking up DMC4, Everyday Shooter, WipeOut HD, PAIN and UT3

have fun people

Lew_Ijgee4375d ago

You should also check out Pixel Junk Monsters. That game is worth the buy and it is quickly addictive.

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The story is too old to be commented.