Rumor: X06 Announcement Round-Up

NeoSeeker forum member posted up what looks to be predictions for Microsoft's X06 conference coming later this week to Barcelona, Spain.

Oddly enough, NeoGaffers point out that the exact same post popped up on TeamXbox. TX's forums were down for maintenance last I checked, so I'll just link to NS's post because I'm not sure who wrote what first. Either way, neither posts say anything about their source, despite the fact that they seem to present the details as news.

Here's the interesting bits from the post, hit the jump for my thoughts on the veracity of the posts.

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Silverwolf5910d ago

"A new Halo 3 trailer is shown. Some multiplayer info revealed. Aiming for 50-64 player online. Announce that Halo 3 will be the first game to run natively on 1080p. They will make full use of this update. Available in 2007. Playable behind closed doors."

That spells chaos on XBL for sure. Sweet!

drewdrakes5910d ago

I believe its only speculation though, so dont get your hopes too high.

ElementX5910d ago

50-64 players online? Doubtful, unless they seriously scale down the detail. There would be too much chaos for that many people. People complain about the 8 player limit on GoW, however that allows for more detailed player models.

Silverwolf5910d ago

but I guess we'll soon find out whats true and whats not in due time.