New multi-flavoured Mega Man headed to DS

Capcom will offer Mega Man Star Force in three versions, featuring different weapons and powers...

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The 7 Best Final Fantasy Characters: Unveiling the Legends

While FFVII ranks highly, there's more to the series than one game. Here's Chit Hot's picks for the seven best Final Fantasy characters.


Diddy Kong Racing: Nintendo's Other Kart Racing Series With 100% Less Wario

While the genre may currently be an oversaturated one, it’s interesting to look back on how the Donkey Kong franchise even got a racer to begin with, and what stopped Nintendo from ever releasing more entries.

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OtterX8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Man, this would be the perfect title to bring next to the Nintendo 64 lineup on Nintendo Switch Online. This game was so good back in the day.

purple1018d ago

GOAT, best game of all time, never got the updated version / sequel is so much deserved,

sometimes though, as they say "never meet your heroes" to avoid disappointment,

so I look at it as, best left in the past and just enjoy the memories.

The_Hooligan8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Really was a phenomenal game. I still remember being at my cousin's house and unlocking the spaceship, our minds were blown lol

Also hated that damn blubber the octopus boss.

EasilyTheBest8d ago

One of my all time favourite games

TheEnigma3138d ago

This was better than Mario Kart 64 but far for me. I loved the different vehicles and adventure aspect.

Number1TailzFan8d ago

The single player was by far better than MK64, not sure about the multiplayer as I don't recall playing DKR with someone else.

The thing I noticed with DKR was that the enemy racers seem to hardly use power ups against you, but they are pretty aggressive in keeping pace or passing you so maybe that's why they made them use power ups less than MK.

FinalFantasyFanatic7d ago

I always remember DKR being hard as a kid compared to MK64, but I mostly played MK64 as a multi-player game, whereas DKR had a satisfying single player mode.

DarXyde7d ago

Absolutely loved DKR. Mario Kart, as much as I love it, has yet to really capture the magic of DKR. Better in some ways, worse in others.

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Nintendo on the difficulty of transitioning between hardware.

During Nintendo’s investor Q&A, a question came up about the risks Nintendo faces when transitioning from one platform to another, as well as the competition they face

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Jin_Sakai11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

“Since we have often experienced hardship in the past following a good-selling platform, we never automatically assume that our current position is solidified. Furthermore, as you mentioned, our business is constantly subject to fierce competition.”

This couldn’t be more true and proper way of looking at things. Really hoping they knock it out of the park with Switch 2.

We all know that Switch 2 won’t be the most powerful handheld on the planet. Nintendo know that having the most powerful hardware isn’t the main selling component as it’s all about the games. Switch sales prove that.

XiNatsuDragnel11d ago

Switch 2 will bring games that's all we care about

Destiny108010d ago

with zero competition, they still afraid like little cat

launch this next-generation handheld already

NintendoNewsNexus10d ago

They want to try to beat PS2 lifetime sales numbers, in order to do that they need at least one more year.

franwex10d ago

Or they could’ve lower the price too. But I think Nintendo doesn’t care about units sold, but of how much money they make.

At this point I’m not sure if any console will be able to do more than the PS2.

RpgSama10d ago

It might, but It will be with and * next to the sales numbers, this is After all a handheld that can be docked at home and not the other way around

Vithar10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Nintendo doesnt care about that shit like the fanboys does lol

Tzuno10d ago

nah fam, we need SNES 2...

Chocoburger10d ago

Having backwards compatibility would be immensely helpful in their transition to their next handheld. All Switch games having framerate drops would be instantly solved, and dynamic resolution should almost always be at the highest. That alone would garner a lot of sales.

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