Gamedaily: Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice Review 8/10

Gamedaily writes: Sony's latest PSP game, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, puts you in control of an elite police force out to stop criminals by any means necessary – in this case, jumping onto a vehicle moving at high speeds, killing the driver and getting behind the wheel.

This sequel improves upon the first game, thanks to control enhancements. Rather than performing all your actions on the digital pad, you maneuver characters and vehicles with the analog nub. The d-pad works with other functions, such as arming different weapons for each mission.

Visually, you shouldn't expect too much of an upgrade over the first Pursuit Force. The game still moves at a frenetic pace, never slowing down. The camera view, sitting right behind vehicles most of the time, is easy to get used to. The computer generated sequences could be better, but you can skip them. Overall, it's a good-looking game, but not a quantum leap over the original.

Sound is another story. The dialogue is laughably bad, almost on par with the type of stuff you'd hear in a cheesy 80s cop show. Their stereotypical antics won't resonate with everyone, and thankfully, you can skip the cut-scenes. The music and sound effects, on the other hand, are pretty good.

In spite of these negatives, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice has more than enough action to go around. If you like performing super-human techniques, blowing up things beyond repair and driving at ridiculously high speeds, you'll enjoy this explosive sequel.

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Cyrus3654374d ago

The gameplay system seems interesting, it'll be fun to jump from a car to another one.

PSP has gotten some nice titles in the past 6-7 months...