Week recap: PS3 sales; Xbox 360 slump; Wii forecast

Sales for Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 were stable in the latest Japan retail sales data. In addition, the PS3 ranked four titles in the top 50 game sales.

Best Buy this week is offering a free $20 gift card with the purchase of the 40GB PS3 and an eligible EA Sports title.

An analyst this week told that the PS3 may fall short of a 11M-unit sales target. Sony in Dec. said the hardware was on track to meet the sales target.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is set to retail at $39.99 according to retail product listings. The latest entry in the franchise will be sold in Feb.

FCC filings this week reveal that the white model PS3 will be sold in the U.S. The model is currently sold in Japan.

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Bill Gates4375d ago (Edited 4375d ago )

Xbox and Slump sound PERFECT together...AHAHHAHAA

TheExecutive4375d ago

It also states this:

"Microsoft this week posted a 79 percent increase in profits on strong sales of the Xbox 360. The Entertainment and Devices division posted a profit from a loss one year prior."

This article is flamebait and the title is just plain misleading.

PirateThom4375d ago

That was Microsoft spinning the fact they're still down a good few billion in their gaming division since the XBox launched. When they really make profit, then I'll be interested.

Mr PS34375d ago

Xbox 360 slump
Get used to it Bots

Sayai jin4374d ago

TheExecutive- I agree with you. I see what message you are trying to send, but some people only look through blinders. This article is flame bait. Becuase in the end the sales don't mean anything, no matter if it is positive for the 360 or positive for the PS3 or Wii. These 3 companies and there consoles are not going anywhere.

tmatte4374d ago

LMAO at the agrees with all of the trolls.

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travelguy2k4375d ago

Deny that a White Ps3 was going to be sold in the USA?

LightningPS34375d ago

that's N4G for you. The # 1 fanboy battleground.

Fanboys like to find mean things they can post about the opposing console. Then people get their feelings hurt, they deny it but they do.

And then they find ways to get revenge by digging up mean rumors of their own.

That's what keeps this site going.

whoelse4375d ago

Its not all about poor sales of the Xbox you know. You should read it!

LightningPS34375d ago

they could easily call it or

People here are hardcore fanboys, a big part of their life does revolve around their console.

TruthBTold4375d ago

It just means you really enjoy a product and are very interested in what is happening to it. The bad part is the blind fanboys which are the ones that cant appreciate other similar products for being just as good because its not from their first pick console. I love PS3 but I also see the good stuff offered in Xbox360 and Wii and will give credit and a pat on the back when they get something cool and worth peoples appreciation. When they get something bad I really dont comment on it because it doesnt really affect me such as a bad game being made for it, its just soemthing that I wont bother reading cause nothing interesting about it. I will comment on bad stuff on PS3 because in a way it does affect me, kinda like the delays for Haze.

Sayai jin4374d ago

Alice Ellis- I agree.

@TruthBTold - You are a open-minded gamer, nothing wrong with that at all. By your words you are not fanboy, you just enjoy the PS3, nothing wrong with that either. You use logic when discussing instead of rhetoric. You said it yourself, you do not bash the other products becuase it does not affect you. You said you see the good products from the other consoles, fanboys do not do that. Fanboys will even take positive news about the other console and flip it, call it names, etc.

IzKyD13314375d ago

that article is very inaccurate, they said GT5 Prolouge will be out in february, its really coming out in march, and they also said that the white ps3 will be out in the US, Sony has already denied that rumour days ago

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The story is too old to be commented.