GTA IV: Both versions will get DLC - Extra chapters are still Xbox 360 exclusive

XGN.NL : Also downloadable content for PlayStation 3 version Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3, 360)
January 26, 2008, written by Eke Bosman
Rockstar Games has today announced that two versions of Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable content. PlayStation 3 owners do not have to fear that they have no extra content after the release of the game.

Yesterday was announced that the postponement of Grand Theft Auto IV is due to the PlayStation 3, since developing games for this console simply takes longer than with the Xbox 360. This problem has already been solved, various sources report that the development of the PS3 and 360 version right now. There are also believed that the PS3 and 360 version look the same, which should therefore be sure that we finally get no popular game which all fanboys gameplay videos to compare.

But Rockstar also made known that the Xbox 360 console is not the only one who downloadable content. The console from Microsoft gets two exclusive downloadable chapters, with additional missions. They will not come to the PlayStation 3, but will consider all other downloadable content to both consoles. What exactly is this content is not yet known, but are appearing in new cars, new weapons, and maybe still some new missions.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF5716d ago

lol POG reported as Spam.

Be grateful you are getting GTAIV idiots who can't afford anything.

poos35716d ago

ooooh so it was the ps3 that delayed gta4 WHAT big suprise!!!! and also we all know the dlc wil be new maps missionwepons whole new areas to explore for the 360 JUMP IN

Sheddi5715d ago

yeah but thanks to 360 gta4 is limited now. it could have been SOO much better.

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