Assassins Creed 3 will feature one of the best villain's in games

In an interview done by the Assassin's creed youtube channel... creative director Alex Hutchinson stated that he believes Asssassins Creed 3 will feature one of the best villians in games

user54670073960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

and I bet he or she is British

Who wants a bet...(I mean it, I will literally save this page for later reference)

Nimblest-Assassin3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

K, what are we betting? 10 million space dollars

We don't know till we play the game

If we see a lot of him, and the game takes place before after and during the revolution... there is a chance he's american... also what about the present day stuff

Yeah... Im going to bet you 10 million space dollars

VanillaBear3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Dude we get it, your a fan of the game and will defend the crap out of this game to kingdom come if you have to.

Ever since AC3 was announced it's been nothing but Pro American bullcrap...Americans vs the Recoats. I'm not feeling the whole "Templars vs Assassins" vibe to this game at all.

Connor is netural, Connor won't get involved, We don't want to make one side look evil, just some of the dozen of BS comments Ubisoft have made which all have been disproven with their own's pretty funny right.

Even if there was a massive twist where Connor is tricked and the redcoats are actually the good guys it's still a lame excuse for not showing ANY footage of Connor doing a redcoat mission, interacting with the redcoats or even just having some chit chat with them instead of slicing their neck or stabbing them. I mean if that twist did happen then it's stupid since were all expecting it.

Oh and don't give me the "You shouldn't be bothered" speech because we should...not because of the killing but because the developers are bullsh*t liars. If they had nothing to hide and they were telling them truth they would of shown some redcoat mission footage by now. Hell they could of made the E3 trailer more netural.


Yeah I'm with you...I'll put 10 Gold Coins on it.

Nimblest-Assassin3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

@ vanillabear

I would understand if you guys were criticizing the gameplay.. but you guys are criticizing the story

We can not judge a games story until you played it the whole way through... look at Bioshock, when I first played it I never though it would have an incredible story. I never imagined red dead would have a great story.

I knew those games will have great gameplay, but I did not expect the story

Im turned off by dead space and re6 due to the gameplay.. you guys are turned of AC because you are prematurely judging the story

The game will be 30 plus hours

If the game does turn out being pro american I wont deny it. Im not american, so I have no reason to deny it

I only criticize gameplay, not the story... I can only do that once I beat the game

Keep this on record... if the game turns out to be pro american, I will apologize to all 3 of you... Mike and omi... but until then I can't judge

Also its pretty obvious you are the guys disagreeing with me

Im just excited by the free running, combat, ships, hunting.. the gameplay is what has me excited

omi25p3960d ago

Assassins Creed is a game based around story. The moment they started to ignore the story just to boost sales was the moment i began to ignore the game.

1. If he is truly neutral. ( We have seen nothing to prove this) Why all the patrotic videos aimed towards Americans?

2. In 4 Assassins Creed games we have NEVER seen trailers showing one side to be the good guys in the wars that go on in the background of the main Assassins Vs Templar story. Yet as soon as America Is involved that's all we have seen, Attacking one side, Killing one side.

3. Story although not part of gameplay it directly effects how a player plays the game.

4. Not only do the trailers, The game play footage, the screen shots all show Connor working with the colonists Even the Collectors edition statue shows Connor stood infront of an American Flag.

5.Ubisoft have said Connor is neutral so showing footage to prove this wouldn't be a spoiler. They could simply release One gameplay video or trailer showing him working with the Red Coats in any way shape or form and my dislike to the story would be completely gone. Yet in over 30 minutes of footage they have shown:

1.Connor Leading the charge for the Colonists.
2. Connor working with George Washington
3. Connor killing Red Coats,
4. Connor Assassinating a Red Coat General
5. Connor Storming a Red Coat Base.
6. Connor Hunting Red Coats in a forest
7. Connor Executing Red Coats who are begging for mercy.

I challenge you to sieve through all the game play footage and find one shred of evidence to prove he is neutral.

You keep asking me for proof, I keep giving it too you. Maybe you will listen this time.

Nimblest-Assassin3960d ago


1) Honestly, I can not explain why they have chosen not to show any gameplay of him killing americans... maybe at gamescom... again its a 30 hour game that we only have 30 minutes of

2)Yeah... but they never portray any side as good. Assassins creed revelations, all you saw in the trailers was him killing Byzantines, but in the game your biggest allies were Byzantine as well. There were templars on both the ottoman and the byzantine sides

3) Ok... I will give you that, but we haven't played the game to judge the story... only those gameplay snipets

4) The American flag is used to show the setting of the game. Its not the american flag of today... its the colonist flag. They did the same thing with Assassin's creed 2's marketing. They showed a lot of stuff indicating the game took place in Renaissance Italy

5) In the gameplay demo we saw... he is not leading the Americans into an assault.. he wants to kill the templar. The demo, he killed Sylus, who was a slave driver... that was the main reason he killed him.

Look at the CGI trailer... I wouldn't really call a man who sneaks into their camp, shoves away the american soldiers, and then steals a horse a leader.

I have proof that he is nutreal in what we have... its how he acts.. hes not buddy buddy with the americans. Unlike Ezio, he doesn't engage in small talk... he just wants to kill Templars

6) Do you really think they are going to sacrifice story for more sales? The Fall and the chain tie directly into creed 3, and they all portray America as Templar HQ... but you realize there is MORE THAN 200 YEARS BETWEEN THEN AND NOW

Something happens... look at the ending of Ac1... AC is never cut and dry

You should know that

You all think I'm defending the game cuz I'm a fanboy... No, if a game has a problem.. no matter how much of a fan I am of the series I do not deny it

I felt revelations was pointless, except for the ending. I had judged the story of Arkham city to be stellar by the trailers... and I was disappointed in the end by the story

The only thing I can judge is gameplay, and I can only judge the story after beating the game

If the game is pro america... I will eat a slice of humble pie, and apologize to all 3 of you

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You're a sad little man starfox. Don't be so emotional.

vickers5003960d ago


Just ignore these whiny little idiots. They bitch and moan in almost every single AC3 article.

I mean, seriously, how do you expect to take these morons seriously when they're judging an entire games story off of a couple of trailers, screenshots, and a few gameplay videos? The majority of which are used specifically for marketing purposes, meaning they're only going to show what people want to see, while holding back the stuff the general public doesn't want to see, for the game itself. They probably just don't want to create a fox news sh*tstorm before the game comes out and have to alter elements of the game before it comes out like some other games have.

boyzilla3960d ago

I know this is way beyond the civil war era... but I would love to assassinate Thomas Edison. Hopefully by a 'faulty' tesla coil

rpd1233959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

I don't think this game will be pro American. Especially since an American officer massacres his entire village and burns it to the ground.

R_aVe_N3959d ago

I am with Nimblest on this one I personally don't really care who is killed in the game because at the end of the day its a game. People base to much of their information on short snippets of the game. It also doesn't help that the same people troll ever article that dares to mention "Assassin's Creed 3" They will not be happy until they see the other British guys getting killed which really makes no sense because they are all pretty much British.

KaBaW3959d ago

While the 'proof' you are giving is factual, as of right now.
There is one thing, though. You are missing the rest of the game.
You are only basing your 'proof' on the little snippets they provided.
UbiSoft say Connor is neutral, and they speak truth till proven wrong.
Perhaps they have really only shown one 'mission,' from the game?

But, in the end.. who really cares, as long as the game is good?
And, I do believe that Connor will be killing the 'Americans,' too.

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WeskerChildReborned3960d ago

Maybe it will be a plot twist like maybe the best villain will AMERICAN! i called it.

joab7773960d ago

So what? I bet he's either British, American (which was British a few years earlier), or maybe Indian. It has to b someone, doesn't it. The British were our enemy at that time...they just were. Maybe it's king George, reminiscent of the Pope fight. I Wis everyone would stop with the damn pc. We fought the British for our freedom as a country. They were our enemy back then. It's historical...get over it.

Lord_Sloth3960d ago

Since there's only 2 nations in the game...and 1 is ruled by...ya know, the church/Templars and the other's trying to, ya know, break away from the tyranny...Yeah......

PirateThom3959d ago

Which doesn't make sense, since the Templars were part of the Catholic church.

Kin23g3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

I don't get this whole:
"I'm British, I'm not comfortable with killing British people."

So you're okay with killing people as long as they have different nationalities other than yours? You're actually okay with cutting a man's throat (In a game) unless he's British?

If you're gonna be like that, at least be mature about it. It's just a game after all.

Lior3959d ago

I think this game is dipicable against British people and what they stand for.

SnotyTheRocket3959d ago

I bet you'll keep crying about it.

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Nimblest-Assassin3960d ago

I'm curious to see who it is... I don't know much... but Im guessing its going to be George Washington... maybe. I mean he did have a piece of eden, the game takes place before during and after the war, and you get to see a lot of him

Yeah... Im guessing its GW... or are they talking about the present day stuff? Daniel Cross is a pretty interesting character, who we have seen nothing from in the games (cept for his brief mutliplayer cameo)

I'm guessing people already know I'm very excited for this game

omi25p3960d ago

George Washington Isn't English so that's out of the question.

Nimblest-Assassin3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Technically he is.. he was born in America while it was still a British colony, hell all of the people in America except the natives are english

but hey you think the game will have this as its story right

TekoIie3960d ago

Did some research (Who else loves Wikipedia?) and its possible that they may try and link his death to an assassination.

There are lots of possibilities and tbh as with most Assassins Creed games all we know about them leading up to release is the main characters and the locations. We usually dont find out about side villains until we actually play.

360ICE3959d ago

They did say there would be templars on both sides. The assassins and the american founders do fight toward the same goal (in terms of freedom and such), but they will probably have some templars among the americans trying to corrupt the process.

Regarding George Washington in particular, it's rather well documented that he died from disease, though. Difficult to make room for a conspiracy theory there.

WeskerChildReborned3960d ago

So you think the best villian would be George Washington? Oh brother...

BlackPhoenix3959d ago

If George Washington really turns out to be the villain, it'll really make the story interesting. And maybe explain the pro-American trailers as preparation for a surprise.
Plus this would also explain why Assassins are so weak in today's (in game) world.
I hope a leading American turns out to be a villian, I doubt it'll happen.

Them_Bones3960d ago

To me a villain can never be good unless they don't die at the end of their first game.
That is why villain's like Albert Wesker and Liquid Ocelot are so badass.

WeskerChildReborned3960d ago

Agreed, i only tend to care for recurring villians then villians who die in the same game their introduced in.

Them_Bones3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Yep you do come across as somebody who would agree with my statement ;)
If there is an L.A. Noire sequel lets just say there is a certain somebody everybody wants to see again and for all the wrong reasons!

Relientk773960d ago

Its possible, I loved the villian for Assassin's Creed II

Them_Bones3960d ago

I preferred his son in the sequel.
He was more ruthless, selfish, greedy, power hungry etc. which makes him a more badass villain.

Eamon3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Nah Cesare was quite bland compared to Rodrigo Borgia.

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