The most important game event on the planet has drawn to a close, so it's time to figure out the best of show. Here are Next-Gen's top 20 from Tokyo Game Show, effectively the best Japanese and Asian games in development right now…

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Deceased6277d ago

PS3 got PWNED BIG TIME! LOL I guess Microsoft might just sell a few more in Japan, like a couple million or so.

bilal6277d ago

you could just have easily written "I guess Microsoft might just sell a few more in Japan, like a couple million or so."

how ds, ps2 is next-gen? also where is FF13 (does the whole list only have playable games if yes then ok ff13 rightly so didnt made the list, i think same reason for mgs4..)

CAPS LOCK6277d ago

and where is motorstorm, resistance, warhawk and ridge racer aswell? i think this article is biased because blue dragon could not of come first i mean its an overhyped rpg, i think oblivion, ff and white knight and fable are better rpgs also kingdom hearts.

zypher6277d ago

PS3 got 5 in the top 20 while 360 got like 8. i'm trying to figure out how thats "PWNAGE" when a) this list consists primarily of playable games (hence the absence of notables such as FFXIII, GOW and MGS4), and b) this list is comprised of a site's OPINION?

zypher6277d ago

despite the flak that i'm gonna get from the 360 fanboy crowd, i'm gonna make an opinion that Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey will eventually find their way to the PS3 unless Microsoft buys Mistwalker (have they?). the 360 doesn't sell well enough for Mistwalker to bring in profits from Japan from their games, and unlike with Tecmo and Capcom (with their respective IPs Ninja Gaiden, DOA and Dead Rising) they won't bring in profits from America because the US 360 demograph don't like/appreciate rpgs as much as the PS2/PS3 fanbase. just an opinion. now let the slamming and flamming commence, unless Dusty gets involved.

Silverwolf6277d ago (Edited 6277d ago )

Can make it's way onto the Xbox 360? The word Infringement come to mind. But maybe you know something I don't. They will also be localizing this game in various languages (as per article) and I doubt they'll be doing that for sh@ts and giggles. Anyways if this game doesn't be well in Japan I have no doubt this game will do very well in the US.

zypher6277d ago

Sony funded L.A. Noire, and thats multi-platform.