Microsoft Still Going Strong

Rhyze of Xboxusersgroup writes:

"Microsoft Corp. shares fell slightly early Friday even as Wall Street analysts hailed the software giant's robust quarterly earnings and raised forecast. Microsoft shares dipped 6 cents to $33.23 after the company said late Thursday that strong sales of its Windows software were behind its second-quarter earnings of $4.7 billion -- an 81% increase from a year ago. On a per-share basis, Microsoft earned 50 cents, up from 26 cents a share in last year's second quarter. Revenue rose 31% to $16.37 billion. Analysts on average had been estimating Microsoft would post earnings of 46 cents a share on $15.95 billion in revenue for the quarter, according to Thomson Financial. In a conference call with analysts, Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddell said that the earnings were the result of demand from enterprise customers, combined with healthy holiday consumer spending."

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Apokalypsis4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

07 the year of Microsoft.........08' will be the Year of SONY.........Microsoft I hate your face and everything you stand for that is wrong with businesses today , your lack of respect for your customers sickens me, and if you were an actual person I would challenge you to a DUEL at high NOON

heyheyhey4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

the sooner M$ gets wiped from this world- the better

long live apple
long live sony


show respect to M$???? i dont think so mate

they are dirty, corrupt b!tches to whom i will never show respect

i didn't say they were going to die you moron- i just said that i wish they would

read what people say before you reply or don't reply at all- its simple

ambientFLIER4378d ago

Yeah, I'm sure those billions of PC's running windows and those millions of game consoles, and a gajillion software titles that Microsoft made will just disappear tomorrow. Show some respect for the ones that made this industry, idiot.

ambientFLIER4377d ago

Dirty and corrupt? Haha, yeah, I guess Sony and Apple never have any problems, and those hidden Sony rootkits, and the alleged Apple sweatshops are what good and honest corporations do!

niall774378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

but there BIG problem is Vista, They need to fix it in 08

windows is microsofts BIG thing and with broken version out and no fix coming Id say 08 wont be a big year for MS as a company.

but Im sure the 360 will do fine once NG2 and gears are out

well Im suren the 360 will do Great.... in america

jaja14344378d ago

Actually Office is MS's big thing. For per dollars earned anyways.

i rule4378d ago

no one company has created more wealth for individuals then microsoft. no one man has been more charitable with his money then bill gates.. Think before you speak

Teabag Sony4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

Wipe your lips off, sony left a mess.

heyheyhey4378d ago

that was pretty funny

but your being a hypocrite so stop- and throw away those wrappers for the "M$ bullsh!t candy bar" that came with your 360

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