Sony Lists Third-Party PS3 Games at $59.99

Third party games would apparently be released for the standard price for nex-gen consoles i.e. $59.99.
No word yet on the pricing of first-party titles.

ApocalypseShadow6361d ago

how people will comment on rumors of what the prices will be,but when real prices show up,they scatter.do i believe some games will be more than 59.99?yes.but i see zero comments and i somehow become the first to post on this?amazing!now maybe people will concentrate on what matters:THE GAMES

Donkey Slayer6361d ago

Activision has said the same price between PS3 and xbox360 games as well.

Another shatterred dream for the close-minded one console gamer.

D3acon6361d ago

In a interview with ken, he said that its their target, but prices could be a little higher. $39 as being low grade and $59 as high grade but nothing near $100.(nothing that would warrant a doubling in price)

I don't believe that games will be higher than normal. As production goes on they will reduce costs, just like any new technology, and the prices will drop. $60 should be the target for the games, but I wouldn't be surprised at a slightly larger amount.

calderra6361d ago

BluRay discs cost a LOT compared to nearly-free DVDs. And that's a single-layer BD compared to a dual-layer DVD. When Sony gets into dual-layerBD, the price difference is nearly staggering. (see elsewhere: One single-layer BD-ROM may cost as much as a spindle of 360-style DVDs)

That kind of production cost just can't be forgotten- someone's taking a hit for it.

kmis876361d ago

Production costs decrease as production increases. The main reason BD discs cost more is because there are so many DVDs printed every day and so few BDs. Plus, the machinery needed to produce BDs isn't already in place like with DVDs. But as millions of games get printed to BDs, costs will drop dramatically. That's how it was with DVDs back when they were new.

happygamer6361d ago

i thought it was going to be a little higher but im glad i was wrong.

GRUNT6361d ago (Edited 6361d ago )

heard it was 80.00-60.00 ummm....dollars.
Are third party developers like LUCAS ARTS or is it wrong or can someone give me an example??

i own u6361d ago

anything not exclusive to ps3 or funded by sony are third-party titles. Yes, that includes Lucas Arts unless one of their projects got funded by sony/ms, which is really the only way they'd make a console exclusive

ChickeyCantor6361d ago

GREAT THAT MEANS 80 EUROS here !!!!!!!

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shinoff21833d ago

Wish they'd hurry with these remasters lol. I was hoping to knock them out before ec released.

CUnit1231233d ago

You're telling me. I assume they will likely piggy back of EC hype. But we will have to wait and see.