SEGA Bass Fishing previewed by IGN - Now with 400% more bass

Though the series doesn't have numbers attached to the titles, players can think of the new Wii title as SEGA Bass Fishing 3 ½. In addition to seven completely new levels, the game features eight remade levels from the arcade and Dreamcast versions. So long time fishing fans will get to see some familiar spots along with the new ones. IGN got a chance to check out the Dam, Country, Spring, and Castle levels. Each one has a distinct feel to them, even when underwater. It doesn't become the same thing once the lure dips below the surface.

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wiizy4384d ago

nice hope the game turns out well

BrotherNick4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

I want online fishing goddamnit >.>; good online fishing.
Edit: Sucks no online play. ;_;