Tom Clancy's EndWar: CVG Preview - 'incredibly innovative'

Okay, okay, so the C&C 3 expansion pack Kane's Wrath is toting a radical re-invention of pad-based play, while Halo Wars - built from the ground-up for 360 - should also pass muster. However, Ubisoft have decided to approach the dilemma from a entirely new, and it has to be said, incredibly innovative angle - voice commands.

Actual on-field conflict largely boils down to a massive ruck for possession of territory. Each of Endwar's forty (!) battlefields are littered with uplink beacons, all just begging to be realigned to your nation. Capture (or lose) a certain number and it's Game Over, yet there's also a massive resource-based bonus to be had from stealing the initiative from your opponents by snagging these bad boys sharpish.

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spandexxking4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

cant wait for a new console RTS C&C sucked big time, really disapointing to the C&C legacy. also voice commands sound interesting?

Salvadore4379d ago

Seems like Ubisoft pulled it off correctly.

Panthers4379d ago

I loved C&C 3 for PC. Great game.

solidt124379d ago

This might be the first RTS I buy for a console

Iamback4379d ago

There are to many RTS games for consoles in 08, we will see how they perform in sale chartz. On this one and Halo wars is huge pressure to sell good