Turok: MSXbox World preview - 'Turok as it should have been'

Now, you may or may not be glad to know the next-generation Turok doesn't follow the previous installment, well, there are dinosaurs and you have a knife and bow, but that's generally about it. There are large improvements in other areas, to be expected, a new improved graphics engine, at least for Turok. Turok is using a modified Unreal Engine to suit more to the jungle-like theme, and to be honest, it looks great.

The style since the previous installments has changed a whole lot too, with it heading into a darker and gloomier surrounding, quite the contrary to the Far Cry series, which is a definite good thing. There now seems to be much more concentration within the 'core' aspects of the game, which many developers are missing now a days; things such as dynamic game situations (different outcomes), the AI and how it reacts to other AI, and how the player itself can interact. Here, all these points seem to be covered.

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DFresh4376d ago

A total bore and waste of time.
The demo wasn't set in the right place to show any type of graphically genius on any port.
I still say the PS3 version did make this not such a bore with the graphics but just in general.
I mean starting off in a dark cave is not proving it's good.
If you ask me they should of started it in a jungle or forest so we can actually see textures.
Controls are also really bad especially with the twin pistols why do I have to push two different buttons to fire two different guns why can't one button work for the whole thing.
As of now this game needs a lot of work because if they pull this same kind of crap on release date they are going to have to toss it.
Turok is completely wack.