First Lost Odyssey Review from UK 360 magazine

"...Although the game world is in a state of upheaval, Lost Odyssey cleverly makes Kaim's own existence the central theme of the game -what happens in the world is important, but nothing as crucial as discovering more about Kaim, his thousand-year past, and his apparently endless future."

"Kaim is quite a cold character too, and he doesn't seem impressed with those around him; he seems like an outsider, and that makes the player feel like an outsider. It's a clever trick, setting Lost Odyssey apart from 'funkier' Japanese RPGs. This one is primarily for older players."

On Thousand Years of Dreams > "Sometimes the text of these dreams is spliced with moving images of Kaim's past actions. It all works to great effect, and it makes for a much more interesting non-playable hook than the half-assed cut-scenes of lesser games... Lost Odyssey is the 360's most interesting application of non-game-related source material to date."

"The four dics each hold around ten hours' worth of play, and many minutes of voiced dialogue and cut-scenes, so Lost Odyssey can be regarded as an epic. And there's also the surreptitious delivery of 'A Thousand Years of Dreams', which can be viewed as a digital book in it's own right. In terms of play for pound (or dollars if you're American), Lost Odyssey is more generous than most."

Summary > "Definitely a story well told and a reasonably well produced RPG, Lost Odyssey is rooted in the genre's traditions but ultimately succeeds thanks to the strength of it's fantastic storytelling. Battles are satisfyingly difficult and there's four discs' worth of game to play through. It can be a bit heavy, a bit like 'War and Peace', but Lost Odyssey is well worth a look if you're after a Japanese RPG with staying power."

Final Score Given: 4 stars out of 5

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destroyah4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

their games just can't stop flopping can they? Blue Dragon sucked. Lost Odyssey was outsold by a PS3 demo. if these JRPG's aren't even selling where they're SUPPOSED to be selling, why keep going if it'll do even worse everywhere else? Mistwalker is supporting the wrong console. if they want their JRPG's to sell millions like FFXIII will, they'll need to put it on a Japanese console.

RIPHDDVD4373d ago

it just pointless to have exclusive JRPG's on 360, a console that only sells well in the US. this is why Square Enix will never support the 360 they way they'll be supporting PS3 and Wii in these coming years. they'll flop in sales.

WilliamRLBaker4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

Flop=not scoring as expected....hmmmm didn't know lost was supposed to score a ten in an UK magazine....

and in your opinion? lol your a sonyfanboy your opinion is not to be trusted or listened too which is why i ignored you long ago.

Strangelet PT4373d ago

Blue Dragon sold around 1/2 Million. It's bad. But not that bad. It's a good game, but only for people who like RPG's.

The same for Final Fantasy. Look at FF 12 sales, and look at PS2 console sales. 1% of PS2 owners bought the game?

Lost Odyssey is a good game, not as BIG as Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy has a lot of 'MAGIC'.

But look, FF is a strong brand, the same as MGS4. When a new title in the series launch it has to be really GOOD.

That's why Splinter Cell saw 4 titles last gen and MGS saw 2. That's why Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey came out, Cry On will come out. And then we'll see FF XIII.

It's just about seeing what is better for you. I don't believe Splinter Cell matches MGS and the same for Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey compared to a FF game, but they are very good games too.

Cwalat4373d ago

its getting fu*kin crazy with all this hate for PS3 and love for 360.
give it up already, its getting really annoying.

Kain814373d ago

yes Blue Dragon sold 500k units WORLDWIDE THAT is A FLOP and it is out about 1 Year

sonarus4373d ago

blue dragon sucks lost odyssey is definetly better though but i doubt it will sell that well in the US. I could be proved wrong though. It will fall under white knight chronicles though. I wonder when that is coming out havnt heard bout it in a while

Pain4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

Bad FF wana be clones on wrong system.

sorry truth sucks

oyea blu-ray not needed huh? lol 4 disc again mist?

lawman11084372d ago

Much like the Japanees love of Vomit and Scat DVD's they love childish looking RPG's Americans HATE them. This game will sell because 1- it's on the 360 and 2- it's not on the PS3

Foliage4372d ago

What was that lawman? They look "RETARTED"?

solidt124372d ago

I wonder how many xbox owners who disagreed with destroyah are actully going to buy this game. I plan on buying it and yes I do own a 360 and a PS3. The game looks pretty good. Support it or it will be going multi-platform which it probably will later anyway.

+ Show (7) more repliesLast reply 4372d ago
Hades13374373d ago

but I doesnt hold a candle to FF. Plus, 4 discs? Only 40 hours gameplay??

Chuck Norris4373d ago

yup 4 discs! and they said you don't need blu-ray this gen.

lawman11084372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

and 34 more hours then Heavenly sword .

Oh and BTW if some crap PS3 game could sell 500,000 copys you sony douche bags would not stop talking about it.

ruibing4372d ago

It took me a lot longer than 7 hrs to play through Uncharted.

But that's besides the point, its hard to argue that JRPGs, regardless of the production values, do not get the attention they deserve on the 360 platform.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 4372d ago
Hellgiver4373d ago

I need more JRPGs. Lost Odyssey will do me well, it appears.

AngryHippo4373d ago

.....are plenty of people in the world that own a 360 and want to play this game. I for one, am one of these people. The game looks great, plays great, and got a good review so what the hell is your problem whether or not its exclusive or not?! Does it affect you in any way, seeing as you dont give a sh!t about the game, why are you even in this thread, oh wait, thats why, just to stir sh!t. RIPHDDVD, im confused, so you are saying jrpgs dont sell outside of japan?! Judging by the 360's software attachment rate i would say that these games will sell pretty well especially with good review scores such as this one.

Sayai jin4373d ago

I will probaly pick it up. As I have gotten older I have not been into JPRG's that much. Most RPG's are to linear for me anyways. I like playing and not watching cut scene after cut scene. I am Elder Scrolls man myself. You do not get more wide open than Morrowind or Oblivion.

No doubt MS has struggled in Japan, what American companies/products don't struggle besides Apples' Ipod. MS will continue to push games in Japan until they break through, the only way they will stop is if they get out of the gaming business and seeing how they limitless funds, this will not happen in the for seeable future. They will push for more Japanese and European styled games.