Meet the latest answer to child obesity: the Wii

With the UK's children suffering from huge weight gains, health experts now want them to start doing 'virtual PE'

Computer games, the prime suspects when health experts try to explain why the UK's children are the most obese in the nation's history, have now emerged as a potential cure for overweight youngsters.

The latest Government's attempt to tackle the child obesity problem stems from an acclaimed initiative in which Nintendo Wii consoles were used to tempt inactive pupils into "virtual PE" after years of dodging games lessons. The project, at five schools in Worcestershire, found that children queued up at lunchtimes for their chance to play video games on the Wii. Heart monitoring revealed that the pupils became fitter with regular use of the consoles.

Reported by Brian Brady, Whitehall Editor for The Independent on Sunday, 27 January 2008

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4381d ago

lol it been proven wii does NOT help reduce fat.

Go play some football looser.

BrianC62344380d ago

Is the British government not connected to the Web yet? Maybe they should read every day. If they did they'd know this idea stinks.

I wonder if the Brits have been doing what American schools have done over the last few years? From what I've read most kids now don't even have PE classes. Instead of playing with a Wii these kids should all be outside getting real exercise.

Of course, the Brits have some very bad eating habits from what I was told. I've never been to that area but I hear they eat a lot of bad food that is really fatty. Maybe these kids could use a better diet. American kids too though.

Chris3994380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

"But, bu, but! Wii Fit! Wii Fit is exercise."

Not really. It's movement, its 'activity' but it's hardly strenuous, maintained and result driven exercise.

I have a kinesiology degree, I have trained every level of fitness from pre-natal to elderly to athletics. I was a fitness director for Goodlife for 3 years. Take my advice. You don't need an $80 piece of plastic (not including the $250 machine) to do push-ups. You just need a floor.

It's great that this sort of thing - in theory - motivates people to move more. But nothing can replace ACTUAL exercise for results. I'm sure that there are a few fanatics out there who will attempt to prove those who share my thinking wrong - doing Wii Fit 3 times per day, doing the push-up routine 8 times. But what they don't realize is that they are in essence doing exercise, which back to my original point, you don't need a Wii to do.

I'm not hating on Wii Fit, I think it's very crafty marketing to a public that is starved for 'quick fixes'. And I applaud those who you the product, and a healthy dose of their OWN SELF DRIVE, to achieve results.

For most people it'll just go the way of the Gazelle (or any other Tony Little, ab, ass, leg, whatever product).

- C

ChickeyCantor4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

its better to motivate them this way otherwise they wouldn't go to a gym anyway.
(read: fat childeren)
Moving is always good, and if you can do it with an interactive game why not?

people are going to get this simply because it keeps track of your stats.

kids playing and running around would do allot too, but its most likely that kids are getting more motivated to do some exorcizers if you offer it in a video game like way.

BrianC62344380d ago

The big problem about Wii Fit and really just the Wii in general is some people use it too much. It doesn't make them more fit but it does end up injuring them. A lot of reports have been coming out about this. Do Wii gamers now need a physical trainer to make sure they don't get injured?

RecSpec4380d ago

Honestly, for people who are afraid of sunlight and interaction with other people Dance Dance Revolution is the best way to lose weight with a video game. But what people fail to realize is, it doesn't work if you eat pop-tarts or hot pockets in between songs. Also cut down on the soda, drink water or something else.

ChickeyCantor4380d ago

i know some people who go running every morning and when they get home they start eating stuff containing allot of fat.
And they keep asking why they aren't losing weight....

IntelligentAj4380d ago

They're stupid thats why. And they know how much damage the food they're eating is doing to their body.

Salvadore4380d ago

No, the answer to child obesity is *drums* Dance Dance Revolution.

BloodySinner4380d ago

The answer to child obesity is to go outside and get some exercise. Lazy dorks.

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