Gears of War Essential Facts Video Interview

The excitement is building as emergence day is just around the corner and Level Designer, Alan Willard, gives us a heads up on what to expect.

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M3RCUTIO5851d ago

So, it sounds like it'll only be 4-on-4 for multiplayer. That's not a big deal to me, but I know a number of friends that were looking for 16. I'm assuming they're making sacrifices in this area to maximize the visuals during online play, rather than going the GRAW route and scaling down visuals to ensure smooth 16-player games. The best news in this though is the online co-op support. Should be a blast regardless of what online mode you're playing.

Captain Tuttle5851d ago

Maybe later on they'll be able to make it so you can play with more people online. What do I know? But Yeah, online Co-Op is very cool, a long time coming.

Sphinx5851d ago're a funny-bunny.

BigPimpin5851d ago

I'm sorry but #2, you are retarded if you think this game's amimations suck. A person with a brain (or not a fanboy of a particular console) can see that this game looks stunning. To all PS3 fans (including me because I like all of them), this is the type of person that gives you guys a bad name.

Marriot VP5851d ago

-Online coop
-System link
-Only dissapointment is 8 person multiplayer. But with this kind of game it'd be surprising if it was 16.

Donkey Slayer5851d ago

I was hoping for more. Even twelve would be better.

Marriot VP5851d ago

don't buddy up to me, like your not a ps3 fanboy. I've read your comments.

Eight person multiplayer is smaller, but still incredible experience I'm sure. Fast pace, cinematic GRAW, and gritty mulitplayer.

This is a killer game

Donkey Slayer5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

sorry to hear that.

What is with these people that are so angry towards multi-console games. Unbelievably close minded.

xbot fanatics:"I'm going to say stupid crap about you unless you dedicate yourself only to Microsoft, playing on the xbox360 and other consoles is just wrong it has to be only the xbox360" ahahaha

I'm a gamer and play all the systems. The world is much bigger that way, you might want to try it one day ;)

Eternal E 8085851d ago

or is the song in the back ground wihle watching the video make you even more hype for this game because i am and cant wait im going to be so hooked to this game like flys on crap.

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