Rumor: Smash Brothers Brawl demos coming to GameStop soon?

Gamertell via Brawl Central reports that Kiosks in Japan are having demos of the title set up this weekend. There have also been recent rumors floating around the internet that US gamers will soon be sampling the game as well.

Brawl Central reported that GameStop stores will be receiving demos of Super Smash Brothers Brawl very soon. A source confided to the site's writer that the game demos may be at GameStop Wii kiosks by next week. The author of the article then called local GameStop, which confirmed that the demos could be available by then. I guess this means its time to start stalking GameStop stores.

Below is a video, taken by a Japanese fan from one of the demo kiosks.

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kingOVsticks4381d ago

Either its only going to be a kiosks OR there giving out disc demos for reserves

Cyrus3654381d ago

I think they meant demo kioks like they have now in japan.

TwissT4381d ago

This will give those really anxious for this game a short brawl fix. I really hope this is true.

Cyrus3654381d ago

Man Gamestop will have long lines up for this, if true.

BrotherNick4380d ago

:P hopefully they put the actual game on the disc like Mario Galaxy.