411's The Greatest Video Game Heroes... Ever, Part 1

This week, 411 kicks off an epic list of the greatest characters in video game history. First up are the heroes, and 411 starts with the most obvious choice you could think of.

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Ahmadinejad4378d ago

mmmm, i doubt mario can stand a chance aainst master chief or snake with trying to jump over their head, i love mario but when i think about a hero, some red suited plumber is the last thing that comes to my head...

JDW4378d ago

I like but the gaming section is by far the weakest part of the site.

This column just underlines that fact.

XxICExX24378d ago

I as a gamer have never ever seen mario as a hero. He is a poster character for nintendo and thats about it. In my mind a character cannot be a hero if he has his own Kart, Soccer, Baseball, Party or any of the other spin offs that mario has. If he was supposed to be a hero character they would push that point more but the whole point of MARIO is to have fun not to be a hero.