Official Nintendo Wii backup disc found?

Word has been flying around the internet about a disc someone found in there Wii when it was returned after being repaired. The disc is supposedly used to backup data from the Wii and access the Bios.

So far all that has been released are images of the disc. And pictures of the supposed disc running on the Wii.

The actual disc ISO has yet to be released. Due to WiiDev keeping it to themselves for the time being.

More on the subject at tehskeen.

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ThatArtGuy4383d ago

Major slip-up on that one.

Ooops is an understatement.

NoxiousD4383d ago

i hope the iso comes out soon. You know nintendo is all over this sooner or later!!

cooke154382d ago

it will be on the torrents in no time ;)

Sarick4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

is it pink and have fish kissing each other? That's got to be the funniest company backup disk I've ever seen! It's a wacky art concept to show fish kissing on a technical product. If you think about it's saying love all over it.

I assume it backs up data to the USB or flash card. Maybe it transfers the Wii image to another Wii.

Kakkoii4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

My theory is..

Each worker at the repair place has there own disc they use to fix Wii's that are sent in.

So most likely the worker drew those fish on there, sort of a way to mark it as his/her disc. Personalize it :). Cause if you look at the fish, there clearly hand drawn.

I know i'd most likely do that so I wouldn't have my disc lost or switched with someone else's.

mikeslemonade4382d ago

I'm excited for this. Everyone wins here no matter if you're wii hater or wii fanboy. Because nothing beats being able to play all the games.

f7ss14382d ago

whats so big about finding that disc?

Kakkoii4382d ago

It's pretty much a key to the door of the Wii's Bios.

That's what's so big about it.

And also it will allow people with bricked consoles to backup there data and reformat. Un-bricking there Wii :). Since they voided there warrenty from having a modchip.

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The story is too old to be commented.