Early beta footage of PDZ for Xbox 1

Back before the Xbox 360 Rare was developing Perfect Dark Zero for the original Xbox, until Microsoft gave them the tools for the Xbox 360 of course. In the videos (check alternate links for the other video) you will see a technical early beta video. No enemies or complete graphics, but it does show the game existed and what could've been.

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Skerj5791d ago

Curses, I thought PDZ was Panzer Dragoon. ..something that starts with Z um Zeta!! In any case that beta footage doesn't look too far off from the retail game HAH.

pcouns205791d ago

Probably would have been better if they kept it on the Xbox1.

Skerj5791d ago

Or at least scrap most of the "port" aspects and build it from the ground up for the platform, Condemned rocked it.

Ahmadinejad5791d ago

Yeah the 360 version looks like it should of been on xbox1. i had such great hopes for that girl but unfortunately it really didnt live up to expectations

dantesparda5791d ago (Edited 5791d ago )

No, it doesnt (look like ir belongs on the Xbox1, the textures looked good. And i want this game, i wish they would finish it and bring it out as XBLA game

carl ps35791d ago

Shame the BEST guys from Rare left anyway to make TimeSplitters&Haze!!! ;-D Rare are nothing now

WilliamRLBaker5791d ago

you do know time splitters has never sold very well or scored very high right? the games infact sucked all 4 of them or so that have been released as for that only the PEOPLE TO DO WITH GOLDEN EYE have left the people that did donkey kong games and conker and banjo have not left.

RecSpec5791d ago

You know, I liked Timesplitters. TS2 was most fun me and my friends had with splitscreen FPS's since Goldeneye. Future Perfect was pretty good too. It had a "so bad it was funny" story, and the characters were funny as well. Harry Tipper was the man! (except when he was cross-dressing) It was Arcade FPS Multiplayer at its finest. Plus one of the funniest, if not the funniest FPS out there.

You saying there were 4 of them (only three of them) convinces me that you have no idea what you are talking about, but since Haze is PS3 only, and Timesplitters is tied to Haze, you automatically hate Timesplitters.

LeonSKennedy4Life5791d ago

Hate to burst your bubble, but...

Timesplitters ranges from an 81-90 for a score.

You just got pwnd...and I don't use that word lightly.


NEO_X5790d ago

I really hate it when people like talk out of nowhere what is the purpose when you know that you have a 50/50 chance of being wrong and looking like a idiot??

p.s. TS rocked It was one of my first shooters for ps2

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TheIneffableBob5791d ago

Some of the particle effects are pretty nice, even by today's standards.