2 New Lair Screens

Here are 2 new screens of Lair for PS3.

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PS360PCROCKS5854d ago

This games cool, I wish it was on the 360, I'm to poor to buy a PS3 just for this game

andy capps5854d ago

You can always wait for some price drops. That or work overtime and only ask for money for Christmas like me.. :)

M3RCUTIO5854d ago

Now THAT looks purdy. Great looking game.

ZaaJai5854d ago

Looks to be cool. These are not new pics though. I , too, am too poor to splurge on a PS3 for the sake of one game. I will let the system be out for a while to get an kins out of it, also to see how the games are before I consider buying a PS3. For now, I will stick with my 360.