Pandemic Studios has 4 Unannounced Projects in the Works

Pandemic Studios currently has 4 unannounced projects in the works titled Project B, Q, Y, and Z.

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Skerj6024d ago

Curse these 4 secret games I wanna knooooow.

f7ss16024d ago

this is my first story that got approved

Relcom6024d ago (Edited 6024d ago )

Heres a tip. Just post reviews they always get approved. Just edit it right and make sure its not old or a duplicate. Do that til you get your contributor status.

mr_potato6023d ago

And its more newsworthy than 90% of what is posted in here


Bundini6024d ago

This has been visible on Pandemic's site for at least a year and a half.

OoOLeafsOoO6024d ago

One of them is obviously Star Wars: Battlefront III

Milkman5416024d ago

Yep and I'm excited to see how it looks and play...This game and Socom got me pumped!

Muff1nB4k3r6024d ago

Which one is your favourite? I prefered Battlefront 1 to battle front 2, but I hope they bring back those huge battles, they were pure ownage, especially when you happen to be the last guy facing the enemy, I would just tank it all by staying in a walker/tank and hold out! XD good times guys good times.

Dr Pepper6024d ago

I'm pretty sure that's already been announced though. I remember reading a little part about it in OXM a while ago.

Hippofanboy6024d ago

Well, Lucasarts and Pandemic have a bitter relationship after BF2. FOrgot what they were arguing about, but eventually they split. That's why Lucasarts is working with Free Radical (BF3? Maybe or a Dark Forces game). So, it would be cool to have BF3 but the BF devs are obviously not as good as free radical. BUt Mercenaries 1-2 is good

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Humble Games Lays Off Entire Team

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aaronaton21h ago

Why QA a game when the general public do it now....

anast19h ago

They will rehire cheaper labor during the restructuring. The stupid thing is that they are struggling and the first thing they do is lower the quality.


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Neonridr6d ago

I mean it worked for me. Regardless if it was just a poor connection between the cartridge and the console or some random bug that was preventing the game from loading properly, the placebo effect of knowing your breath is what fixed the game is dead set in the minds of plenty of 80s gamers.