Modding Tutorial for UT3 on PS3

A step by step video and writtin tutorial on how to get mods for UT3 up and running on your PS3.

Baba19066012d ago

bring this damn game to europe !!!!

Laexerias6012d ago

import mah friend, its no problem. i bought it from a store nearby.

bigshynepo6012d ago

Yeah, this game is buck wild. and this ut3mods.com is a great little site too.

Before anyone hates on the on-by-one copying method for this game's mods, please remember it is based on PC game mods which you want to install one at a time in case of a problem. It takes a little longer but also remember UT3 will automatically download alot of custom content too when joining a server with different mutators, etc.

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Tech Focus - Motion Blur: Is It Good For Gaming Graphics?

Opinion is divided on this one for sure! Is motion blur good for gaming? Why do developers include it?

TheOptimist2209d ago

I hate any game that has motion blur and the first thing I do is switch off the motion blur in games. It just makes me nauseous.

XentaJones2209d ago

motion blur makes me sick... so its off.

OpenGL2209d ago

I agree with Alex here, many implementations are terrible but when it is done right it improves the experience.

2209d ago
TheSplooge2209d ago

I always turn it off. Along with depth of field.

Mr_Wilson2209d ago

Those plus vignetting, chromatic aberration, and film grain.