Modding Tutorial for UT3 on PS3

A step by step video and writtin tutorial on how to get mods for UT3 up and running on your PS3.

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Baba19064379d ago

bring this damn game to europe !!!!

Laexerias4379d ago

import mah friend, its no problem. i bought it from a store nearby.

bigshynepo4379d ago

Yeah, this game is buck wild. and this is a great little site too.

Before anyone hates on the on-by-one copying method for this game's mods, please remember it is based on PC game mods which you want to install one at a time in case of a problem. It takes a little longer but also remember UT3 will automatically download alot of custom content too when joining a server with different mutators, etc.

marcindpol4379d ago

i want it in ireland now!

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