Castlevania Producer Talks Lords Of Shadow 2 And Mirror Of Fate

GameInformer- "We've already discussed our thoughts on the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trilogy. Now it's time for the man producing them, Dave Cox, to answer more of our burning questions. We asked the producer of Lords of Shadow 2 and the 3DS title Mirror of Fate our burning questions about the new Castlevania games. We talk about everything from the Belmont bloodline, to new gameplay, to what the essence of a Castlevania game is. Beware, some spoilers for the original Castlevania: Lords of Shadow are present."

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rezzah2278d ago

I wish Mirrors would also release for the Vita, port doesn't matter. At least make it a Digital release.

YoungPlex2278d ago

That would be a decent move to do but don't see it happening, seeing as the developer really feels that the 3D effect enhances the 2.5D perspective, and stated that it would not feel as natural with a 2D screen. Graphically it would look beautiful on Vita but I really don't think that graphics are the issue at this point, it's clearly the 3D effect that has him keen on releasing it on 3DS. To be perfectly honest with you I'm going to get a 3DS XL next month just to play this game when it releases. I'm a super diehard Castlevania fan and yea, I know it's not being developed by the legend himself, but Mercury Steam is pretty damn good and is focusing on a non linear adventure unlike LOS.

DivineAssault 2278d ago

vita might get its own castlevania that doesnt have to do with what mercury steam has done to it.. Give it time.. There was one last time on psp so u never know... Mirror of fate looks like a dumbed down version of LOS anyway.. I preferred the sprite castlevanias but what can u do?? Its going to be stripped of all the bloody greatness castlevania is known for.. Teen rated too so LOS2 is a much better game

YoungPlex2278d ago

If you read the article, you would know that it's know where near a dumb downed version of LOS, it's a completely new 2.5D side scrolling adventure, with beautiful 3D backdrops and stunning 3D character polygons.

If you knew Castlevania you would also know that NO Castlevania (except LOS), had an M rating on any system! You would also know that the DS had 3 brand new Castlevania titles and the PSP had a port of an old ass Castlevania with terrible graphics.

Another fact is that Mercury Steam has NOT confirmed whether or not LOS-Mirrors of Fate will be a T rating, as they are the only Castlevania developers to ever launch a Castlevania title with an M rating; the rest of the titles again have been a T rating with all the so called blood you speak of. LOS was filled to the brim with blood, but that's not what made it the greatest selling Castlevania title to date, it was the excellent game-play, which is being completely implemented on the 3DS version.

One more thing was that Mercury Steam mentioned that, If they do add a T rating, that they will push it as far as they can, and that it will defiantly be more violent than previous Castlevania games including, "Symphony of the Night", which again, (I will remind you) was a T rating!

It's okay to hope for a Vita version, but to come troll and bash a game that isn't out and cast judgement on it before you even try it, or read a review on it is just plane immature and downright trolling!

There is more of a chance that another Castlevania developed by the legendary developer himself, will be announced next year for the 3DS just like the original DS, that had 3 games and found some decent success on it, instead of them developing for a system that hasn't even reached the 2 million mark install base. It makes much more sense to develop for a system that has approximately a 20 million unite install base, regardless of of the demographics.

DivineAssault 2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

No1 is bashing anything lil man.. But to hope that it WONT be a TEEN rated game on 3DS is a bit extreme.. Ive seen all there is to see about that dumbed down lords of shadow tie in.. Maybe u need to do more research before speaking to ppl.. & u say TROLL??? PLZ!! This is one of the ONLY castlevania articles!! I praise Castlevania of the past with the TEEN ratings on handhelds & i liked Lords of Shadow on PS3 but the mirror of fate is plain sad... Nothing succeeds on Nintendo systems unless its Teen rated & under.. & for u to bring up SOTN in comparison is just stupid.. That game was bloody & great.. Not cheap dumbed down combos the nx handheld version will have... I know who u are too YOUNG PLEX.. Whats wrong?? Had to change your identity because u got booted & lost all your bubbles?

YoungPlex2277d ago

Resorting to personal attacks are we!?!? How childish and immature! Stick to the topic! I'm sure that you've seen all that you have to, it on a Nintendo system and right away you dismiss it. Not everyone is a hater and agrees with you, same thing with my opinion. You say it's sad but the only thing sad about it is that you hate that it's on 3DS and not Vita. I didn't bring up Symphony of the Night, the developer did stating that it will be more violent than SOTN. So you say that these combos are cheap, good for you, I loved the combo system in LOS and bringing that gameplay to MOF is a smart move! As far as changing my name because of the bubble thing is totally BS because I just wanted to avoid you, yet you still attack me and comment on my stuff trolling around looking for me! Grow up!

Eamon2278d ago

Not much new info.

I really want to know how Lords of Shadow 2 gameplay would be like. And how Alucard fits into the story.