New Haze Gameplay Footage

Gametrailers: New gameplay video of Free Radicals first person shooter HAZE'

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Iron Man 24386d ago

I still have faith in Haze,it kinda reminds me of Resistance in a way

I can't wait to pick up Haze,God Of War III and many other great games for my PS3 next year!;)

Omegasyde4386d ago

I don't think GOW3 is coming out next year. Hopefully I am horribly wrong. :)

BTW Haze reminds me alot of Halo 1 (not graphically but gameplay)

zambrota4386d ago

Haze would be awesome

2008 is ps3's year. so man good games are coming out in 2008

zane_78494385d ago

You should have faith in Haze the actual HD videos put on gametrailers by the actual site- look really cool. This old SD video uploaded by some random user does not.

LastDance4385d ago

That video made me definatly not want to waste my time on that game.

This looks like it should be an xbox title.

how can you say that was good? ....honestly?

TheSadTruth4385d ago

This looks horrid. I may be an xbot but I can admit Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 are going to be some premier first person shooters but this just looks like crap...

MikeGdaGod4385d ago

cause that sh!t sucked to me.

everything frm the way the other players walked to the explosion at the end. i'll just wait for KZ2 and R2 if i want another FPS this year. i already got UT3

sonarus4385d ago

what pisses me off most about haze is the constant delays. I mean what are they doing with the title they arent doing anything revolutionary not like its 60 player online or 8 player coop its the usual mediocre fps setting. There really is no reason for any ps3 owner to look forward to this game after all that is on our plates this yr. Last yr would have been a worth title but this yr i simply have no interest whatsoever

Texas GMR4385d ago

but that game looked like @ss for the delays. Great sound, but over all, I'd pass and wait for Res.2 or MGS4.

Foliage4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

I usually lean towards the PS3. I'm sure some people would call me a "fanboy" around here, or whatever the new catch phrase is, but I doubt those people could say they own both a PS3 and 360. Heck, I've even played a lot of the wii, sadly. I will also probably end up getting one for Smash Brothers.

With that out of the way, Haze does nothing for me. There is just something that is lacking in the design. It almost seems like they tried to rip halo off in some regards. This game is not on my list. Although early to tell, I'd think there would be some major balance issues in multi-player. If it is balanced well, I'm sure multi-player will be fun. It still isn't on my list, maybe in '07 but not '08.

Fat Bastard4385d ago

You all may not think like the games looks great, and to me it looks like an average fps, but it has its reasons to buy it. The main one is the split screen online, because the only game besides haze that has split screen online is warhawk that i know of, and warhawk isn't first person. I don't think any of the good ps3 fps games this year will have split screen online; as far as i know, resistance 2, killzone 2, and mgs4 don't, and i like playing online when i have friends over so i'm getting it

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resistance1004386d ago

Visuals are looking great and it sounding fantastic, i presume that video is from the 4player co-op mode or online.

I've had this on pre-order since September, and now i can't wait even more ^_^

Doppy4385d ago

Visually the game looks amazing, except for the driving part it was ok. But the gameplay for that mission was lackluster. This game is coming out with 2 other huge shooters and based off that mission alone Haze will be completely overshadowed, unless it comes out months before Resistance 2 and Killzone 2.

Ideas to help Haze

The nectar mechanic should be a lot more useful than what it does. It should allow you to see the enemy's body temperature in the jungle even when their hiding behind stuff (kind of like the aliens in Resistance). And since your character ends up switching sides this should allow the enemy AI to be extremely challenging even with 4 player co op. Apart from great AI I don't know what else could help this game.

HarryEtTubMan4386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

I'm gonna get this for the 4 player co-op and multiplayer... it won't be as good as Killzone 2 and Resistance2 but it will be good. We haven't got to see any good stuff thoGH I bet playing it online with a few friends is a riot... I've got alot of friends that are getting PS3's this year and 3 that got them at Christmas.

What I am MOST excited for. Playing Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Gran Turismo 5, Playstation Home (jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune hahah) freaking SOCOM: CONfrontation which is gonna own sooo hard, Motorstorm 2, and the other 60 good games coing out. But I serisouly can't wait for Killzone 2 and Resistance 2's multiplayer. Killzone 2 is gonna own. ALl its gonna take is a few pics and some new gameplay and the hype is gonna go through the roof. Resistance will be amazing looking but they still haven't shown hardly anything for Killxzone 2. I was reading the developers blog and the whole game doesn't look like that video either. Therea re a ton of environments with badass lighting. Killzone 2 is gonna PWN.

lol Dude I just pwn bullsh!tters. I don't say crazy sh!t like Darksniper and Zhuk LOL (but yes lease give me bubbles!)

resistance1004386d ago

he like Dark Sniper make the ps3 sections of N4G a great laugh with some of there comments

Anyway HAZE is great because it will pass the time between COD4 getting boring and Killzone 2 being released

Shankle4385d ago

Yeah, you're right. Stupid people make me laugh and feel better about myself :D

TrevorPhillips4386d ago

i got a xbox 360 and i like ps3 so thats why im gettin it in a week this game is gonna look good even online also the 4 player co-op =]

mesh14385d ago

is this game a joke crap a.i lame graphics and lame story line this game will major flop and this is not a new clip not close