GTA IV sales up on release date for PS3, Xbox 360

Advanced orders for Take-Two Interactive Inc.'s Grand Theft Auto IV for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 increased at retailer following a finalized release date of Apr. 29 this week.
By Thurs. afternoon, sales for the Xbox 360 version increased 284 percent, the PS3 version 239 percent, and the Xbox 360 Special Edition version at 210 percent.

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monks4380d ago

it looks very likly when i look at UK biggest game seller

lasts week i think it was Devil May Cry, Haze etc at the top

but now it is

1. Grand Theft Auto IV 360 standard version
2. Grand Theft Auto IV ps3 Special Edition

very strange why the ps3 is selling more special version i personaly would not pay it unless we got something great but and bag and stuff not my idea of special lol

HarryEtTubMan4380d ago

GTA is just a special series. It will sale multi millions on both consoles.

mikeslemonade4380d ago

Well a lot of people who are buying the special version are the hardcore and pretty much the hardcore know about the GTA4 avalibility preorder currently. Me personally this game is a rental.

ReBurn4380d ago

Anyone who goes to Target to buy video games knows about GTA IV preorders. They have tons of $10 preorder cards for both the 360 and PS3. And Gamestop has it up on the preorder board. Everyone who plays games knows about GTA IV preorders.

bozobucketeer4380d ago

This has nothing to do with the topic, I'm just astonished Harryetubman didn't use all caps and didn't say something incredibly biased.

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masterg4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

The PS3 version is about 25 places higher than the 360 version on the US Amazon top list.
And 40 places higher on the UK amazon top list.
Both Xbox contries. Is this a hint of PS2 users getting ready :s

Iron Man 24380d ago

It only makes sense IMO the GTA series is just better on the Playstation consoles(PS1,PS2,PSP,PS3 etc.)

I can't wait to pick up my copy of GTA IV for my PS3!;)

captainpwn4380d ago

It lives up to all the hype. Im not sure if I should buy it or just rent it since I can rent it for a month. What would you do?

Sayai jin4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

Wow, I knew it would not be long before someone said the PS3 or 360 version is better or this or that.

Kermit, GTA was only a Sony exclusive on the PS1 and PS2 so there was no way to compare them. I am sure both games will be spectacular on both systems.

The 360 has larger install base so it will probaly sell more due to this fact. If the PS3 had the larger install base it would sell more. Which means what to us gamers, nothing!

As far as special editions, I think the hardcore will buy it.

@mikeslemonade, I agree I will most likely rent it.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4380d ago

pre-orders dont mean much actual sales do.


hey mikes i disagree with gta 4 being a rental but i def agree with xing out tom brady. GO GIANTS

bohemian 234379d ago

I hope Eli falls in that hole next to Jimmy Hoffa and breaks his neck. Brady and the pats all the way. Let's see history made. How do you think Tiki feels after retiring last year and now his time is in the superbowl. BITTER.......

resistance1004380d ago

You will see with sales

USA - 360 version sells better
Europe - Ps3 version sells better (however 360 version will sell better in UK)

Its preatty obvious judging on current sales trends, amazon sales aren't really the best things to go by, this has been proven many a time in the past

joemomma4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

(click image)

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The story is too old to be commented.