Square Wields its Power

Remarks from a high-level Square Enix executive affirm that the company is going to significantly support Sony in the next generation, "but not too much"-it doesn't want Sony to be the "overwhelming winner."

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PS360PCROCKS5851d ago

Boo! lol oh well I hate their games so I could really care less. All of these japanese games are retarded to me, but thats my personal opinion.

Boink5851d ago

watch the arrogance square, look where it got sony, people were very unimpressed with "the next genereation doesn't start till we say so".

and while square may decide the winner in japan(DUH) they will have less impact in US/Europe(in fact maybe square can show sony where europe is)

Anerythristic265851d ago

This wasn't unexpected as they have a very strong partnership with Sony , hasn't stocks changed hands between these two companies. Too bad for Square that Lost Odessey and Blue Dragon were received better by both the press and the public. 360 will be fine without another FF. What are they on 26?

calderra5851d ago

Blue Dragon and Lost Oddyssey FTW!
As is the case with a lot of other developers, Xbox fans don't really care about this one. But grinding it in the face of Sony fans is kind of sweet.

Even for Xbox 360 RPG fans, Mass Effect and the next Elder Scrolls (not to mention KOTOR and Fable 2!) are going to be much more sought after than anything Square could bring to the table.

And the one thing I most want them to bring- Chrono Trigger- is already being "done broughted" in the form of Blue Dragon. So yeah, screw Square.

Don't want 'em, but don't want my enemies to have 'em either. And I think that's a common view from Xbox fans.

Sphinx5851d ago I believe most of us are ok without their overused RPGs. I mean, come on, how many FFVII spin-offs do we need?

PS360WII5851d ago

Sure they put themselves up on a pedistal but come on it's Square-Enix. They only have some of the best selling games out there.

Anyways I do like the fact that they're now supporting all consoles and not just sony. I always felt that sony was bringing them down a bit. Look at FFX, enough said. FFXII is a nice way to add new way of playing non-online rpgs like a mmorpg so that's cool. Plus with them selling about 99% of their DS FF3 they are certainly happy with Nintendo now. So I'm hoping for a lot of Square-Enix stuff all over the consoles and handhelds, but not to much we don't want another ffx out there

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The story is too old to be commented.