Why we love 3DS’s Select button

"No, we haven't gone mad. Here's why we love 3DS's SELECT button, and the leap forward it represents for hassle-free game pausing on dedicated gaming handhelds."

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live2play2978d ago

what it does is cool

but the actual "button"?

its horrible, like a weird enveloped button, idk?

now the 3ds xl's button, now thats a sexy button

Skateboard2978d ago

That girl in your avatar is sexy : )

live2play2978d ago

thank you? xD
shes my wifey

PoSTedUP2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

i want one (a 3ds not the select button).

the vitas select And start buttons are a pain in the ass. they're very small, very close together that not only do i get them confused with each other but they're hard to press bc of their size, small concave foundation and awkward position only when playing PSP games tho bc of lack of touch screen function.

disgaeapuchi2978d ago

I agree about the Vita's Start/Select buttons, they are harder to press and in an odd location, shame.

Everything else is good, though, I like how the buttons (and D-Pad) in general are now clicky like the 3DS ones.

PoSTedUP2978d ago

yeah i only felt the frustration when i was playing harvest moon psp BEFORE i realized (hours later) that you can press R1 to access your items menu and map. other than that i'm not really using them in my games anymore.

and yeah everything else is near perfect. i only wish the x button was analogue (pressure sensitive) : /

Canary2977d ago

Amen to that. The start/select/home buttons suck. So glad they're fixing that with the XL.

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YoungPlex2977d ago

I've always said that the actual button was terrible but the locations is perfect! I can't wait for the XL where the select, home, and start buttons, are actually buttons! That's a great move, but it would've been a better move to add the same style of buttons from the very beginning... Oh well, wha-cha gonna do...