Videogamer: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Hands-on

Tom Orry of Videogamer writes: After what seems like a mammoth wait for PlayStation 3 gamers, Lost Planet will finally be released on Sony's console in February. The game enjoyed monumental success on the Xbox 360, so is Capcom putting together a port that Sony's platform deserves?

As in the Xbox 360 game boss battles crop up frequently and are real highlights of the game. The enemies in Lost Planet come in all shapes and sizes. Capcom has told Videogamer that work is still being carried out on the game, primarily with the visuals. While the build we played is far from ugly, it certainly lacks the polish of the Xbox 360 version. Hopefully Capcom's ongoing work on the frame rate and anti-aliasing will give the final game a smoother appearance so PlayStation 3 gamers can experience the same high quality visuals that wowed 360 owners early in 2007.

The PS3 game also requires a 15-minute install before you begin playing. While this didn't make for hugely improved load times over the Xbox 360 original, the PS3 game certainly has the edge in this area.

With a full compliment of online game modes, including all the content found in the Xbox 360 game as well as its downloadable expansions, Lost Planet for PlayStation 3 is shaping up like a title all action game fans should be interested in. Hopefully Capcom will have sorted out the numerous graphical issues in time for the game's late February release date.

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Cyrus3654380d ago

Capcom better get in gear getting those visual up on par and better, this is 08, not early 07.

REPLOID244380d ago

Yeah, if the visuals are not polished I won't even bother. I don't want another crappy port.

Cyrus3654380d ago

crappy ports might be expected back when PS3 was new, but with DMC 4 for exmaple coming out, and looking as good. It's pretty much unacceptable for a game a year and half later.