XBL Radio ver. 27.0 is out

STEVE519 from LIVE on LIVE joins Carpal this week. NEWS: -Microsoft Brings TGS and X06 to Live (get ready to use that download feature) -Wii to Retail for $250, Ships Nov. 19 (The house of Mario is ready to jump) -Microsoft Repeats: No Internal HD-DVD Planned (however they have been known to do a 360) -Peter Jackson on the Halo Movie (his next film after his 15th release of the Rings trilogy) Game News: -Sony Launching PSP Entertainment Pack for the Holidays (Santa likes UMDs too) -Dead Rising Fans: No Patch For You (But hey why not buy a new t.v. to get it to work) -Fans Heard, as Nintendo Contacts Telltale (Sam and Max may be hitting the road to the 360) Game Reviews: -Steve519 on Madden 07 Is it 1st and 10 for the franchise? Or is 07 all hype and huddles? -Carpal on Test Drive Unlimed You may run out of gas before you finish this game. Plus Console Crimes -Jack Thompson is back and hes pointing that narrow minded finger again. All this and more on XBL Radio ver 27.0!!!

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