PS2 Classics now using upscaling and smoothing features on PS3

The first PS2 Games from the game archives using now a upscaling and smoothing feature on PlayStation 3.

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r212276d ago

and the first ps2 classic to get these features is Haunting Ground and....Dora the explora :L

WeskerChildReborned2276d ago

Sadly, don't know who thought that PS3 owners were children though. I certainly don't want Dora.

r212276d ago

me too bud, what was the sony folks thinking?

MiamiACR212276d ago

They must have forgotten that all PS3 owners were full grown adults with beards, lives, and a 401k.

Kyosuke_Sanada2276d ago

It looks like I may be buying a second copy of HG if the change is truly noticeable....

wishingW3L2276d ago

the phat PS3 did this to the old games and in certain ways it made the games look worse. I remember playing Dragon Quest 8 with the up-scaling and it actually made the game look even more blurry but the smoothing was fine. It made the game look better by hiding jaggies a little bit but nothing close to the HD remasters.

Red_Orange_Juice2276d ago

if they were adding trophies to each classic they would sell double, or tripple

LNDCalling2276d ago

Wasn't this option always available i.e. enabling or disabling smoothing and scaling ???

Dora is a very underrated game by the way!

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