London 2012: The Official Video Game Review - The Digital Fix

Starting up London 2012 fills you with an enormous sense of wellbeing. It’s the Olympics – it really is. Utterly wonderful as the event is though this really shows off the benefits of having the official licence for something special. Like FIFA or NHL being official makes it real. It gives the developers that much more confidence, too, as with the great power of a licence comes great responsibility. Without fail (near enough) this results in presentation of such panache and vibrancy that the whole package gets off to a fabulous start, ensuring the final impression is always one or two points higher than for something more unreal. London 2012 from Sega Studios Australia doesn’t disappoint. It makes you believe in the London Olympics, with celebrity commentators and media you’ve seen and heard over the past years and months. You’ll start to have faith in the games because of this virtual version and like a positive feedback loop it yields yet more faith in the game. You’ll find yourself an Olympics fan, whatever your state of saturation to date.

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