NVIDIA's Major Coup: How AMD Lost a Man Who Brought All Next-Gen Console Deals

The fact that AMD won all three next-gen console deals is probably one of worst-kept secrets in Silicon Valley, but little was known about the history of how next-gen consoles are coming to be. The following story culminates with the news that Bob Feldstein, one of key executives at AMD - decided to leave the company for NVIDIA.

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airforcex2736d ago

The fact that all three console developers went with AMD is news worthy. Glad Sony joined the club!

NYC_Gamer2736d ago

I'm buying PS4 even though can't stand AMD and would rather Sony deal with Nvidia

Muerte24942735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

that Sony is going with AMD contrary to popular belief. It just doesn't make sense. That literally means neither system can claim top graphics. I really think we're still going to see an upgraded version of the CELL. Most developers worth mentioning have already have their heads around working with the Cell. I also haven't seen any irrefutable evidence that Sony isn't going with Nvidia.

kharma452735d ago

Rumours are Cell is being dropped and they'll be going x86.

Muerte24942735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Most of the top studios out there no how to handle the CELL. DICE, Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio and etc all know how to program for the cell. Also PC CPUs are heading in the direction that the CELL is already at. Say what you want about the RSX but at 1080p or 3d the 360 can't compete.

Dms20122736d ago

People come, people go. Not sure how this is a major coup, just another empty suit looking for a bigger payday.

dcbronco2736d ago

I'm not sure why this is considered a coup either. AMD has lost a few executives lately, but that could mean what they are doing with their APUs has made them highly sought after. Or it could be that they have screwed the architecture up. If they screwed it up, their loss might not be that big a deal. If it is great, it's not like they get to take the technology with them. APU's are going to be the near future of computers. But I'm not sure how much he will be able to help Nvidia with moving in that directions. Executive contracts are usually pretty strict on what he can do with a previous companies tech.

Paballo2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Very well written article...
I am interested to see how things will turn out with the next generations of consoles in their hardware...will history repeat itself with Bob Feldstein moving to Nvidia.
How similar will the Next box and Ps4 Gpus in terms of power and tech?
Does this mean that we will have cheaper Ps4 because of AMD licensing the Gpu tech to Sony Ps4 just like xbox360?
Rumour has it that ps3 would be cheaper than it is now were it not for the huge amount Nvidia still overcharges for RSX.....
Then again this is also not good from an industry standpoint because it means AMD has the monopoly as the GPU vendor in the Next Gen consoles so there wont be as much competition between either two companies.
But on the positives ports between PS4,NextBox and WiiU will be easier for developers.
Off topic 2016 which the article says the next consoles will release is the rumoured release of DX12 cards which will use ray tracing tech.Cant wait to see how this turns out.
Please tell me what you think guys....