PES Productions opening new London studio - Future PES games to be handled by UK devs?

Konami and PES Productions are opening a new "football game productions" studio in London, can reveal.

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Abdou232304d ago

Wonderful news, the series is in desperate need of new blood.

BelieveinGhosts2304d ago

I just hope PES get their act together in time for the lunch of the new consoles. They cannot afford to give EA the lead yet again

OcelotRigz2304d ago

Yep, i feel they've failed to adapt to this generation and i personally cant see them making any great game for this gen, rather im just hoping they dont fall apart as a result and instead step it up a notch for the next gen.
This is good news.

Ninjamonkey822304d ago

Don't know this years game looks well tastey.

Psychonaughty2303d ago

I wonder if they will poach anyone form EA Canada, the team that makes Fifa has alot of British members on it's team, so it would make sense if you think about it.

ps yeah i know this is Konami but it stil might happen, although if I were them I'd rather stay in Canada tbh.

sriki0072303d ago

they are gonna have a tough time if they want to beat fifa..