Top 10 Video Games that should have cartoons

RG writes: There are a lot of movies and shows now-a-days that people say should have video games. But what about the opposite? I think there are a lot more opportunity for games to shows, especially animated. So I decided to make a list of the top 10 game franchises I would like to see animated series biased off of.

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Vandamme212735d ago

Street fighter already had a cartoon..but it was terrible..cause guile was the main character

rdgneoz32735d ago

Street Fighter isn't even on the list. I think they figured out it has a cartoon already based on the picture they used...

ha2e482735d ago

How dare you mock my my one bubs! So... how do you get bubbles?

specialguest2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

SF2 the US cartoon, a direct continuation of the award winning SF2 movie. A cartoon where Charlie became Blanka through an experiment, and every SF character wears their fighting outfit at ALL TIMES no matter what the occasions. There was an episode where Balrog typed on the computer keyboard with his damn boxing gloves on haha.

Heavenly King2735d ago

the SF2 anime was AMAZING!! but yeah, the US cartoon was a piece of crap.

k-dillinger2735d ago

ok i would love for a rival schools anime and a new game for that matter

Simon_Brezhnev2735d ago

Street Fight move anime was good but all atempts at anime/cartoon was shit.

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WeskerChildReborned2735d ago

I think a Metal Gear Solid anime would be awesome!

omarzy2735d ago

Metroid, No more Heroes, Monster Hunter(A manga exists so an anime may come along) Haloe has movies, but no show.

oldfriend862735d ago

I didn't like any of those ideas, except his idea about Silent Hill.

WeskerChildReborned2735d ago

To be honest, a Silent Hill tv show would probably interest me.

rdgneoz32735d ago

They've had one movie so far, and I believe a 2nd is in the works (Silent Hill).

WeskerChildReborned2735d ago

I've seen the first one and it wasn't really that bad compared to other video game to movie adaptions.

amaguli2735d ago

The Portal Robots might be funny to watch. I think BlazBlue would be a good one, especial since the creator wants an anime version done.

TXIDarkAvenger2735d ago

I agree, the intro for the game Blazblue caught my attention and I wish it was an anime cause it would be pretty awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.