PlayStation Euphoria Cast Episode 8 - All About All-Stars with Omar Kendall (Game Director)

The PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Podcast is here this week as we discuss everything about Sony’s upcoming fighting game, complete with an interview starring Omar Kendall, the game director of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, himself! We also found out that four characters will be announced at gamescom!

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Main Topic:
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

What We Know So Far
How Excited Are You?
Arcade Game versus Fighting Game
The Smash Bros. Complex
Interview with Omar Kendall

Weekly Gameplay

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PHOSADRA2737d ago

Thats better than 2 at a time like the past reveals...
Now we're talkin... :)

PHOSADRA2737d ago

1. Ratchet And Clank are a given even if they aren't at gamescon

2. Nariko? They do need some more female characters

3. Crash? They said more 3rd parties were coming

4. Spyro? Same situation as Crash

If Crash and Spyro aren't there..
Then maybe Sackboy
IDK who they will reveal...But thats where things get exciting :D
But like others have said...maybe some Eastern/ Asian developed characters

WesMcLaren2737d ago

I think that Sackboy is a guarantee for Gamescom, just because Media Molecule is a European dev.