Killzone Saturday Field Report: Brief but brutal!

El33tonline writes:

"After our small squad last week, this week I waited with bated breath as I logged in to see who was willing to join us. Thankfully this week we had an excess of people willing to join, and our only obstacle was the fact that I did not know how to disable my DLC maps (an error which I quickly corrected). We lined up a 6-player lobby ready to head online, which included the likes of BLR750 (alternating with a friend locally), L1ghtning, PeaPixie21, Ofiler, AchtungBaby_ and HoustonBear123! After our initial failure to join a public lobby, we decided to rather host a private match and this is where the carnage began - for better or worse."

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mayberry2329d ago

I just joined my new clan, but these guys sound like they are getting a BLAST outta some Killzone 3! gonna try to play em'!

mayberry2329d ago

Now for some Killzone time!