Randy Savage And Andre The Giant Confirmed For WWE '13?

THQ may have already confirmed Andre the Giant and Macho Man Randy Savage are in WWE '13 with a gameplay clip shown during Raw 1000.

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h311rais3r2275d ago

Randy savage is in skyrim :p he's a dragon

Bathyj2275d ago

You shouldnt use the word confirmed when its a questionmark.

RIGOR2275d ago

Yeah that Andre the giant is a created superstar from WWE12, the picture is either faked or they used CAW, either way this game will be the same as last year! With maybe minor differences. They say every year its going to be better, but it feels like the same old run down game, it's getting boring fast and this is coming from a big wrestling fan. WWE Day of Reckoning for the GameCube was the better wrestling game. That was WWF No Mercy but with better graphics and more modes and a better CAW mode.

WWEGamingcom2275d ago

Andre was a CAW, And they used WWE12 Image of Macho Man

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