DayZ could be standalone “before Christmas,” base-building and more on cards

VG247: DayZ creator Dean Hall has told VG247 that significant improvements should be made to the mod before it goes standalone, but that work on a new version could be complete this year.

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Wizziokid2743d ago

I hope this happens since I'm planing on getting a gaming PC at the end of the year, been wanting to play this for a while.

Petro2743d ago

I can tell you right now that this is AWESOME game/mod, but there are so many hackers that I have been killed by hacker more than other players or zombies. Hopefully they get the cheater problem handled.

Also if you want to see funny hacker deaths, just YouTube "DayZ hacker".

WeskerChildReborned2743d ago

This should definitely happen since i might not be getting my PC till early 2013.

TitanUp2743d ago

what gpu are you going with? i went with nvidia back in 2007,amd from 2008 to 2012. 2013 im going back to nvidia.

anyways this is some good news this could potentially be one of the best games this year.

WeskerChildReborned2743d ago

I'm gonna try my best to get a pretty good one. I heard some sites help you build your own PC so i'll probably do that.

MurDocINC2743d ago

Cool, we going to have a REAL showdown between DayZ and WarZ.
The outcome is going to be a win for gamers.