Why gaming will take over, and change entertainment for everyone. (mostly)

In the next few years most people will own a gaming system. Why? Because they do everything. Search the internet, look at photo slide shows with music that makes everything all “nostalgia-y”, play games that don’t require controllers, or ir controllers.

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TheLyonKing2739d ago

I don't understand the take over, video games industry is the biggest entertainment industry atm the moment, well I am like 90% sure anyway. When you are number one you can only try and better yourself.

DarkSymbiote2738d ago

The industry is number one as long as money is concerned. It's still not as big as the movie industry (people wise). As long as multiplayer is focused on it never will be.

TruthbeTold2738d ago

I for one play video games far more than I watch Television. In fact, outside of the (many) DVD's I buy, or the news clips and anime I watch online, I don't watch TV at all. Haven't had nor wanted Cable in years. This 'Reality TV' era is annoying to me beyond proper description.