Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad Review | FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper says: "The bad news: having plowed through of all of the content in Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad, I still don’t know who Jeremy McGrath is. In fact, if I hadn’t been presented the opportunity to review the game, I would’ve glossed right over the whole thing. From the game alone, I can only guess he’s a popular rally racer sponsored by Monster who barks out obvious tool tips in real life like ‘stay on the road, it’s faster’ and ‘if you lose control, throttle down until you gain control again’, even after you’ve turned the tool tips off. Maybe he’s a draw in Europe I suppose, which reminds me of why Codemasters dropped the late Colin McRae’s name from their DIRT rally series to make the game palatable to Americans."

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