1080p HD-DVD: only on VGA

Hooked your Xbox 360 up to your new 1080p-capable HDTV by component and planning to get the HD-DVD add-on? Then it's time to pray you have a VGA connector on your HDTV. Why? Because copyright restrictions on HD-DVD don't allow 1080p over component.

NextGen24Gamer6368d ago

You can buy a vga to dvi adapter for 10 dollars and under. There are even dvi to hdmi as well. So if you buy the vga cord and the proper adapter....you are fine...untill they release the hdmi calbe/adapter specifically for the 360.


calderra6367d ago


Now that that's out of the way- if you're the sort of person who spent $lots on an HDTV to make sure it had true 1080p capabilities, you can afford whatever adapters wouldever be needed to make this happen. Whoopie.

The PS3 won't come with HDMI cables, so you'll have to buy something to go 1080p on movies there too. What's the big deal?

ThaTeflonDon6367d ago

Good thing I bought a 360 VGA cable a while back...YEA!!! ...Wait a min ...I don't own a 1080p HDTV .....D@MN IT!

TheMART6368d ago

If you'd ask me, MS will soon release such a HDMI cable. Not only to adress things like this, but also to finally have Sony quiet with their 'true' HD marketingblabla.

Although 99% of us all will use 720p max

But well. VGA ain't bad either, although the colours on Component are better

dantesparda6368d ago

WHAT! in no way shape or form is component video better than VGA! What's next, somebody is gonna claim that S-Video is better than VGA too? this is ridiculous!

Sexius Maximus6368d ago

VGA has better clarity, but the colors are a little "washed out" Component is a brighter color cable, while VGA has clarity.

dantesparda6362d ago

The differnce in color is probably due to the difference in your monitors color setting and you TVs. Remember you cant "turn up" thr color on your monitor, whereas you can on your TV, but if the you could turn up the color on your monitor then you would see that its not the VGA cable

Donkey Slayer6368d ago

Top Gamer said: #69 Donkey Slayer
TopGamer "1080p can be displayed via componant cable for hd dvd and games. "


I told you buddy, I stick to the facts ;)

NextGen24Gamer6368d ago

Normally I wouldn't even respond to someone like you. But....I was half right. Games yes...but movies...from what is being said now...NO. But, I was just reporting to the news as it was at that time. Even sony at that time thought the ps3 would have 1080p movie playback on componant. Obviously, things have changed in what MS and Sony thought. Thus, Sony including the hdmi port in both core and premium. We will see what MS does to counter this "new" development. As of now their only solution is VGA to DVI or hdmi. But we will see in a couple days at X06. But when I stated it back when you quoted me....I was right from the info given by both SOny and MS. Info has changed. Games 1080p via componant and movies have to have dvi, vga, or hdmi to display 1080p. But the bigger issue is, how many gamers actually have 1080p for it to even effect? Thank goodness there is a cheap and simple solution to this minor bump in the road...."VGA". And with an adapter....DVI/hdmi for 10 dollars or less.

Donkey Slayer6368d ago

Sad thing is I posted info from an MS Executitve yet you were still stubborn about it. Obviously you read it as your responded to me by name.

It was the "news at the time", you just didn't like it. You take every fact as an attack on MS when I was just passing along information. That is what is truly sad. I hope one day you can evolve beyond your biases as you truly could be good contributor towards the board.

zonetrooper56368d ago

Well its good for me as i use the VGA cable to play my xbox 360 games in HD, too sad i don't want the HD-DVD add on and i really don't want Blu-Ray.

PS360PCROCKS6368d ago

I'd like better DVD picture than 480P, too bad my TV only supports component cables