'Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason' Looks a Bit Creepy

Stephany of Gaming Today:

"Did any of you ever see that John Carpenter movie 'The Thing' starring Kurt Russel back in 1982? Well, I may have been only 10 years old at the time, but it scared the beejesus out of me, and every time I see some sort of nature special on TV about the Antarctic, I get the screaming willies. If there is a scientist's shack being shown, and men all bundled up in subzero attire, it only makes it worse - so imagine the tiny goosebumps I got when reading the story synopsis for Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason - although this game takes place in the Arctic Circle it too is an icy wasteland and creeps me out a bit; therefore the reason 'The Thing' popped into my strange brain."

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