Will Kojima's Project Ogre Be The Last Great PS3 Exclusive?

Given the time frame, it seems reasonable to assume that Kojima's secret new project could become the last mind-blowing PS3 exclusive this generation.

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Smkt3138d ago

more likely to be multiplatform...

BiggCMan3138d ago

It's clear that his games are becoming more multiplatform as of late, it doesn't bother me much any more. I've grown older since the days of MGS 2 and 3, now in my eyes I think more like "hey if more people can see his genius, than so be it". There isn't much that can happen to stop his games from being multiplatform if Konami will always publish them. If perhaps, Kojima Productions can somehow break away from Konami, and either publish their own games, or even be bought by Sony as a first party studio, then perhaps they will only develop for future Playstation consoles, but that's a HUGE long shot.

Godmars2903138d ago

He pretty much went out of his way to make MGS4 PS3 only, and was dragged onto the MS stage for the Raiden game. Which is probably one of the reasons why it turned into a mess and Platinum had to take it over.

The crime is that they had the engine for MGS4 and only used it for that one game.

Psycho_PS3Truthh3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Ogre will be on the PS4 but it is true we are not certain if its exclusive to the master console. But MGS5 will be a PS4 exclusive because kojima himself knows that it is a blessed thing to put MGS games on the Playstation console.

Kojima visiting naughty dog recently could be about getting some intelligence from naughty dog for the new engine and if he gets this then more than likely project ogre will be utilizing the PS4 exclusively as a launch title.

Batzi3138d ago

We'll find out on August 30th. For now let's hope the wait is worth it. I'm sure it will be xD

NastyLeftHook03138d ago

well...when is the ps4 coming out?