Why I Think Casual Games Are Not Casual

MMOsite writes: First off, casual games are games that are designed to appeal to a massive player base without the need to commit to the game for a long period of time. However, I find that most casual games are not even close and require players to commit to a timed schedule or heavy amounts of gameplay in order to get anywhere in the game. While many of them can be played in short bursts, it quickly requires a long term commitment on a fixed schedule to continue advancing through the game, especially if you are pitted against other players who have the ability to steal your work from you.

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MultiConsoleGamer3138d ago

Great work on thi article. Very much agree with its author.

Casual and core are nothing more than fanboy buzzwords. People throw around the "casual" label like a derogatory term. In reality they just want an excuse to hate things they don't like.

WeskerChildReborned3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I only use casual to describe types of people like casual players only really own consoles just to game casually but not really a hardcore or core gamer.