11 Retro Remakes We Need Right Now

IGN: Last week's release of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD got us thinking: there are scores of classic titles from every era of gaming that would benefit just as much from the HD remake treatment. We rounded up editors from all over IGN to get their picks for what should be next up to get a modern facelift, along with what they could look like on store shelves.

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WeskerChildReborned2280d ago

GTA SA and Soul Reaver should be remade, also Battlefront 1 and 2.

DJ2280d ago

Word on the grapevine is that the FF7 remake is coming sooner rather than later.

XXXL2280d ago

Castlevania 2 Simons quest yes please

Treian2280d ago

OMG. Stop bitching about FF7. SE already told us they will not remake in the near future. The game is OVER RATED anyways. You fanboys cry and say it is the end of of the world if you don't have FF7. Go play the original then!!!

Kin23g2280d ago

Leave the troll be .. he's just a 12 years old kid seeking some attention, don't give him any.

Treian2279d ago

I am not 12. I am not trolling. You people act as if your world revolves around FF7. Grow up.